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Going Big With Juwan Howard

Bonnell's reporting it looks like Juwan Howard will get the start against the Jazz. This makes all kind of sense. Diaw is more like a three than a four, anyway, and he's better suited to guard Miles, Korver, and Harpring than Millsap. Ronnie Brewer could cause trouble for him, but that would require the Jazz to go really small in the back court with Deron Williams at the two and either Ronnie Price or Brevin Knight at the nominal one. When Williams, Brewer, and Korver are all in the game at the same time, Bell should guard Brewer and Diaw should dare Korver to try to drive by him.

Inside, this is exactly the kind of game the Bobcats can use to play big all game long, perhaps with AmMo at the the two spelling Bell, Cartier Martin at the three spelling Diaw, and with Shannon Brown spelling Raymond at point. Use Okafor, Howard, Mohammed, and Diop to fight with Millsap and Koufos, and to chase Okur.

This is an eminently loseable game. The good news, though, is the Bobcats had two off days after their last game and will have three off days before their next game, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. If they really want, they can give big minutes to the starters and see no ill effects when they return to Charlotte for Friday's game against Atlanta.

Keep strong, folks. Gerald won't be there to bail us out this time. The sooner we accept it, the sooner we can place our hopes elsewhere.