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Can't the Bobcats Do Better Than Jamaal Tinsley?

Something quick brought up by the Official Roommate of Rufus on Fire, that I'm not sure I completely agree with, but I'll set forth the argument, paraphrased:

Why are the Bobcats trading for Jamaal Tinsley? Let's say they've settled on a conscious strategy of taking on talent in exchange for assuming bad contracts. Well, why half-ass it? They could totally get better players than Jamaal Tinsley if they're willing to be a dumping ground for horribly long deals. Why not roll the dice and go for broke with that strategy?

Wouldn't the Bucks give up Richard Jefferson for that package, just to get out from under his contract? Don't the Warriors desperately need some salary relief and a true point guard? Or launch a Hail Mary and hope Agent Zero has a resurgence. A truly sober fan of each of those teams would have to consider those trades.