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Open Gameday Thread vs. Indiana Pacers

Wait, we have to play again? The day after another game? What kind of madness is this?

The good news is that the Bobcats are still healthy, stocked with professional basketball players, and are capable of at least hanging around against anyone in the league other than the Cavs. This is a winnable game. Terribly winnable. As much as Danny Granger is a joy to watch, as much as TJ Ford continues to stick it to his critics, as much as Troy Murphy confounds with his disparate skills, as much as the Pacers have about the same record as the Bobcats, the fact remains the Pacers haven't played at the level the Bobcats have recently, and they're a full step behind them at this point in the season.

I can't stress enough that our playoff hopes rely on going 19-10 the rest of the way. If that's the real goal, we can't lose games like this one.