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Open Gameday Thread at Utah Jazz -- Staying the Course With Adam Morrison

First things first: Deron Williams is out with a bruised quad.

Second: It probably makes some sense to go big with Juwan Howard, but Larry Brown's going to start Adam Morrison tonight against the Jazz. It's not the worst thing in the world, either way. But this is a small example of the worst thing Brown does as a coach: jerk his players around.

Usually, I'm not a fan of the "keep guys in their roles" mentality. You know. The thinking that results in Chris Mihm starting when Bynum gets hurt instead of shifting Pau to the five and starting Odom at the four. However, the Bobcats don't have anyone for the wing positions who can legitimately slide in and reasonably replace Gerald. Therefore, we have license to experiment and tell AmMo he's staying in his ten minutes per night role until he actually, you know, does more than commit fouls and pass up open shots.

Our options to play big minutes in place of Gerald:

Caution to the Wind -- CARTIER MARTIN -- Dude wants to rain threes, so let him rain threes. Snap judgment says he's different than Gerald. Doesn't want to fly through the lane. Wants to find space and hoist. That's okay. It might actually be a better fit for Larry Brown's preferred offense. But can he defend? No idea. But we're in no position to clamor against experimentation.

Deference to Veteran Leadership -- JUWAN HOWARD -- We've gone over this a little. The Jazz want Millsap to muscle the opposition's four. Boris Diaw is not exactly suited to playing that style, so let Howard take on the challenge, as he's slightly more suited for it, and I'll be damned if Diop or Mohammed is going to play big minutes alongside Emeka. Alternatively, they could just let Emeka take on Millsap and have Diaw dare Okur and the other bigs to muscle him on the block.

Status Quo -- ADAM MORRISON -- I'm tired of the ineffectiveness, too, but there might be something to be said for letting the dude just play out his problems. Just commit to something, Larry.

Outside the Box -- SHANNON BROWN -- Something that occurred to me this morning: Morrison is very similar to Raja Bell on offense, in that they both want to be spot up gunners, but both can put the ball on the floor a little. Whereas Shannon Brown is a LOT like Gerald in that he attacks the rim with vigor, he's nowhere near the first option to shoot from distance, but he's still somewhat of a threat to do it, and he's probably a plus defender. So why does Morrison replace Gerald and Brown replace Bell? It's because Morrison is Gerald's height and Brown is Bell's height. The thing is, if we compare their styles and actual abilities, Brown is the guy better suited to playing Gerald's role. If we change the role of the three, that's one thing, but asking Morrison to play Gerald's role is lunacy. Shannon Brown can give it a shot. This would require Raja and Brown to figure out who guards whom on any given possession, and it would be a nightmare against bigger teams, like Orlando, who can put 6-9 Turkoglu at the three, but I think the offense could work in exactly the same style and rhythm as it has been working with Brown in there instead of Wallace.

You Can't Be Serious -- ANYONE ELSE -- Alexis Ajinca at the three? Hey, he's spiritually a small forward, even if he's trapped in a 7-foot frame. If you're going to have him on the roster, isn't this the time to play him? Singletary and Felton together in the back court, with Raja at the three? Well, we don't want every guard to be able to shoot over our guys.