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The 5 Stages of Realizing Your NBA Team is Headed for the Draft Lottery

Denial -- "This is exactly what we'd hoped would happen. It appears the Bobcats have finally gotten over a metaphysical hump. We can honestly say they should beat some teams. In past seasons, just by virtue of Wallace and Okafor, it seemed like they could hang with all but the elite teams night in and night out, but now they're actually beating the poor squads regularly."

Anger -- "The score doesn't do justice to the beatdown Denver gave Charlotte. Much like the Portland game that preceded it, the contest was never really in doubt. Nene dominated on the block. Kleiza embarrassed the Bobcats' bench. And Chris Andersen looked like a Defensive POY candidate."

Bargaining -- "The math is unforgiving. We can't give up, though. Let's say they rip off a hot streak when Gerald gets back and win 20 games from here on out. That would give them 39 wins on the year and an outside shot at the 8th seed."

Depression -- " will determine that the starting core is very good and will concentrate on improving the bench this offseason. With some relatively simple moves, they'll be a near lock for the playoffs, but no one will seriously consider them a title contender, and, barring a superior draft pick, they'll likely be heavy underdogs in their first playoff matchup."

Acceptance -- TBD