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Bobcats Beat Kings Handily

Larry Brown is the master micromanager. We know this. It shouldn't be surprising that he wants to control everything on the court the way that coordinators control the action in football. So when the lead falls from 18 to 10 with five minutes to play, the look on Brown's face said it all: Frustration and anxiety, not confident calm. The starters came back in.

Of course, the Bobcats still basically had the game in hand, even if backups had been in the game. It was a little hairy at the end, but Charlotte ended up winning, 98-89.

The only goal I hoped to see achieved was limiting the starters' minutes, since it was the second half of a back to back, and we'll be going right back to an uptempo opponent when we head to Oakland to face the Warriors. Of course, four of the starters (not Raymond) ended up playing at least 37 minutes.

We'll have more later in the day on this game and the state of the team.