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HORSE? I Prefer Two on Two

The NBA All Star Game is going with HORSE. Fair enough. Should be fun for at least one year, until guys get bored and start resorting to corner jumpers.

Now that the trapezoidal key is going the way of the dodo, I need a new crusade, and for now that will be institution of a two-on-two tournament as part of the ASG festivities. One-on-one is boring for spectators. Three-on-three involves too many people, but two-on-two, half court, to eleven, win by two, is where the interesting stuff can happen.

Get eight teams of two guys each, anyone in the NBA is eligible, plus a team of D-Leaguers, have a big pot, and have at. Darius Miles and Quentin Richardson, together again. Hedo and Mehmet, reppin' Turkey. It's a winner, I tell you.