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Bobcats to Host Town Hall Meeting Before Hawks Game Tonight


I have no idea who else might be at this little get together, but I'll definitely be in attendance. The invite was emailed to me yesterday, so I figured I'd drop by and ask Mr. Whitfield if he has any plans to invest more in international scouting or in a D-League team that could play in South Cack.

I'm assuming this isn't actually going to be a town hall meeting, and we're going to be prevented from having open discussion. I'm also assuming the rank and file of season ticket holders just want to see the team win, so caring about the long term health of the franchise is less important to them than getting to the playoffs this year or next, even if the moves required to get to the playoffs cut off more avenues to sustained success until 2013 instead of 2011.

What questions do you want to hear answered by Fred Whitfield?