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Open Gameday Thread vs. Atlanta Hawks

As has been noted numerous times in various places, most notably in the FreeDarko book, Josh Smith and Gerald Wallace are kindred spirits. It's really too bad that Wallace is out for this game, because, as a general basketball fan, it's always fun to see two guys trying to outathlete each other at both ends of the floor. As a Bobcats fan, Wallace allows his team to match up with a team as flexible as Atlanta.

Both rosters are in flux. Without Crash, it was up to Adam Morrison to play the three and deal with Smith. Not a good idea to begin with, AmMo's been particularly bad in his audition as a starter, so he was going to sit, with Juwan Howard at the four. Of course, Howard had to go and injure his toe, so he's out tonight. That's mitigated a little bit by DJ Augustin's return, but that's just another thing tempting Larry Brown to play Raja at the three with DJ and Felton in the back court, a terrible idea, especially if it means Raja has to guard either Smith or Marvin Williams. It would be worse if it meant Felton had to guard Joe Johnson, but flux is the rule, and JJ is out for this game with a particularly bad case of the flu.

So, we're left with Bibby, Flip Murray, Smith, Williams, and Horford matched up against Felton, Bell, Diaw, Sean May(!), and Emeka. That's right, Bonnell's reporting that the Hamburglar himself is likely going to be active tonight. It doesn't matter who starts, of course, but who gets the minutes, so the best answer for that spot probably involves a rotating cast of May, Morrison, Diop, Cartier Martin, and Shannon Brown.