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Bobcats Slap Down the Clips; Now Comes the Hard Part

It's turning into a stormy weekend in Charlotte, and we're looking at a snow day on Monday that'll probably shut the place down, but the Bobcats are doing everything they can to make noise in the playoff hunt. They blew out the Clippers in Charlotte on February 9, and this time around, in Los Angeles, they did just enough for the win, 100-95.

Again, in typical Bobcats fashion, only one person really stood out--Emeka Okafor--and those who didn't contributed positively in some way. Okafor played 34 minutes, scoring 28 points and pulling down 9 boards to lead the team. I'm not sure if it was Emeka's doing, but Marcus Camby, his Clippers counterpart, only made two attempts all game, resulting in a mere 4 points.

Gerald hasn't been scoring like we'd come to expect from him the past few years, even adjusting by minute, probably because the Cats' pace is so slow. However, it's also because Larry Brown has limited Wallace's role in the offense, emphasizing inside-out play and midrange shooting off screens, neither of which are Crash's forte. Everything else is still there, though, rebounds and steals, especially (9 and 4 in this game).

The Clips were up 12 at the end of the first quarter, but the Bobcats chipped away, cutting the lead to 6 by the half. They took the lead in the third quarter, winning the period by 14, and then held on in the fourth thanks to 9 points from Raja and Al Thornton's missed three pointer in the final seconds.


From here, the Bobcats get a week at home, hosting Tuesday's game against Chicago, but then starting a tough four game stretch hosting Atlanta, at New York, at San Antonio, and coming home again to play Houston. Of course, the Rockets game is the first half of a back to back, and they'll be flying to Minnesota for a game the next day.

They need to go 15-7 from here on out to have a shot at the playoffs, but three of these next five games will be upsets if they can take them.

Go Bobcats.