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Where Should the Bobcats Go From Here?

We'll have some thoughts on tomorrow's Rockets game later. For now, I want to get some community ideas out there.

Imagine Bob Johnson fired Rod Higgins and Michael Jordan, Larry Brown decided he wanted to just concentrate on coaching and cede personnel input, and theW team decided to hire you as GM. What would you try to get done this offseason?

I'd really like to know what other Bobcats fans think about four main subjects:

1 -- Where do we go in the draft? Even if we make the playoffs, we'll likely have our pick, because it's protected all the way to number 20, so assume we'll be able to work with that.

2 -- Do we make any changes to the rotation players?

3 -- How would you go about building the bench? Which players do you covet who are forgotten or going unappreciated elsewhere?

4 -- What is your end goal in making these moves? Do you just want to make the playoffs and don't care what happens after that? Do you want to put together a group of high flyers, results be damned? What do you actually want?