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Preview of Bobcats at Timberwolves

At this late stage in the season, the Minnesota Timberwolves are all future. The present only serves as a means for securing a beautiful future.

With Al Jefferson done for the year, Kevin Love has been left to fend for himself, and goodness has he become a force. On points, rebounds, and assists alone, he's already matched or exceeded Emeka Okafor's best season. And he shoots 78% from the line. Love has a long way to go to be the defensive presence Emeka is, but there's no doubt he's already a starting-quality NBA big man.

Jefferson and Love will be the foundation of the T-Wolves' rebirth. Assuming health for the next five years, Minnesota won't have to worry about adding to their front court and can concentrate on finding back court pieces to complement their two stars.


For tonight:

-- Rashad McCants has been traded, so we'll be deprived of his comedy stylings, including his propensity to throw chalk in the air and do the whole entering the game bit exactly like LeBron.

-- Did you know that Kevin Ollie has played more games in the NBA than all but four other UConn players?

-- Calvin Booth played for 40 seconds in one game this year. And he looks shockingly similar to John Kerry.

-- Randy Foye has upped his scoring and become a useful starting point guard almost entirely on the strength of getting to the line at three times the rate he used to.

-- None of the players mentioned already played in the Timberwolves' last game, against the Knicks.

-- Emeka vs. K-Love is a good matchup for us. Shutting him down leaves the likes of Ryan Gomes, Craig Smith, and (shudder) Brian Cardinal to pick up the slack.

-- That said, I'm always scared out of my mind when playing Mike Miller's teams that he's going to have one of those unstoppable nights. Bah. Perhaps he's losing interest by now?