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Step Away From the Tournament for a Couple Hours and Watch the Bobcats at the Raptors

*Rubs eyes. Looks around. Checks to see if wallet's still in pocket. Yes. It is.*

The first day of March Madness tends to be like those college parties that have all the trappings of The Best Night of Your Life, except that, in retrospect, you only danced once with one moderately intriguing girl, and you won a game of beer pong, which prompted a round of high fives. The evening was not The Best Night of Your Life, but throughout the evening, you were fully aware it could take that turn. No matter what, though, you're waking up on the couch, bleary-eyed, Friday morning, and looking forward to doing it again tonight.


But for those of you who will take some time out to sneak a peek at the Bobcats...

We just went over Toronto, and nothing much has changed. Gerald's got a bruised knee from the Kings game, but he's not going to let it keep him out of the lineup this late in the season, so both teams are, essentially, at full strength.

Somehow, Toronto is favored by a point, probably because playing at home is such an advantage in the NBA, but Charlotte has proven they're the better team, as long as Bosh doesn't get too far beyond his season averages. I'm still frightened out of my mind that Bargnani will go off, but that's probably just an irrational fear heightened by my particular appreciation for big men who shoot threes.

10-4 to the playoffs. Go Bobcats.