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Open Gameday Thread at Philadelphia

The most important thing for any manager is to be honest with him or herself, brutally if need be. That goes for Larry Brown, Rod Higgins, and anyone else who might have a say in how the Bobcats go about their day to day business. Wearing orange-tinted glasses might feel good for a while, but it will also hinder true understanding.

Fans don't have to have that state of mind. I like it, because there's more freedom in admitting, analyzing, and criticizing weaknesses than dismissing all shortcomings in whoever wears the uniform.

There's no conflict between admitting that the 76ers are a superior team and seeking to understand why, and rooting for the Bobcats to whup 'em in Philly.

Go Bobcats. Catch the Bulls. (Or should we officially switch to chasing the Pistons, now?)