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Welcome to New Users

Now that SB Nation's sites are all linked via the Yahoo! team pages, I'd like to extend a welcome to the new folks who happen to be wandering through for the first time. Thanks for coming by. I hope you'll stick around and share your thoughts.

My name is David Arnott, and I intend to make Rufus on Fire a place where people can discuss basketball with passion and intelligence. For more details about me and what this site is about, click here to visit the About page.

Normally, I'll post a column every day, and make sure there's a Game Thread available before every game. You can use the Game Thread to follow the score and discuss the action as it happens.

However, the very best part of the SB Nation platform is that you, the reader, can post your own links and thoughts to the site without needing a post from me. Log in via your Yahoo! ID or your SB Nation ID, and you can create a FanPost or a FanShot that will go in the right sidebar, where others can click and comment. FanPosts are for extended text pieces. Here's an example of a short fun one about baseball video games from McCoveyChronicles, SB Nation's San Francisco Giants blog. FanShots are more for posting just a link, image, or video with little or no comment. Here's an example I posted from the week following Vladimir Radmanovic's trade to the Bobcats.

As for commenting, the USS Mariner Comment Guidelines are the gold standard for published comment guidelines, and we follow their spirit here. If necessary, Rufus on Fire will unleash specific guidelines, but you won't let things get to that point, because you won't be mean.

Thank you, again, for coming by. I'm looking forward to all the fun we'll have here.