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Bobcats Suffer Stinging 2OT Loss to the Celtics

That was brutal. You can check the game thread for a good deal of the sturm und drang. The Hardwood Paroxysm Twitter feed also stands in well for my running thoughts. I'm particularly drawn to everything about the game that comes after this entry:

Felton! Execute at 12! Not 9! 12!

Yeah. Felton started that play with 9 seconds on the shot clock and, of course, it ended up a shot clock violation.

I've only got scattered thoughts to offer at the moment, following such a tough double OT loss to Boston, 111-109.


-- Raymond Felton cannot take 20 shots. I'm sorry, but you're the SEVENTH BEST SCORING OPTION on this team, and that's if we count Cartier Martin behind you, and if we assume you should be ahead of Dontell Jefferson. You see who took the most shots for the Celtics? Ray Allen and Paul Pierce. You are not a hero for taking tough shots, Raymond. You're hurting the team when you do that.

-- The free throw advantage went to Boston 26-7. Last night, at home against the Lakers, the Bobcats had a 22-6 advantage. Both games were rough. Can the league really say the refs aren't affected by home crowds?

-- Eddie House torched the Cats. 7-10 shooting, including 4-7 from three.

-- Kendrick Perkins: 5 blocks.

-- 7 Bobcats scored in double figures. Gerald led the way with 20. Augustin dropped 14, and was 4-4 from three, leading Charlotte to a 10-18 three point shooting night.

-- There wasn't as much grabbing and general defensive thuggery by the Celtics this time around. I wonder if the league told them to knock it off, or if the injuries have taken such a toll they're saving it for the playoffs.