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Scattered Thoughts From the First Day and a Half of the Playoffs

-- Point guard is not necessarily the new Most Premium Position Evar!!1! Derrick Rose went nuts, and Rondo acquitted himself admirably, but at the same time, Portland rolls with Steve Blake and Houston goes with Aaron Brooks, who's kind of a souped-up Raymond Felton, and Kyle Lowry, who's still got the whiff of potential about him, but is still undistinguished. In other words, you can probably come up with at least fifteen other point guards better than those guys, yet you don't see two of the smartest GMs in the league tripping over themselves to upgrade. If you can get superior talent at wings and bigs, then run your system to emphasize them, rather than the point guard.

For years, Phil Jackson has de-emphasized the creative onus usually put on a point guard, and as successful as he's been the imitators are lacking. Witness Shannon Brown's emergence as a defense-first nominal "point guard" once he went to L.A.

-- Is Rasheed Wallace a perfect fit for the Spurs on a one or two year contract, or am I out of my mind? Socially, it's perfect because he can play fourth banana, not change his personality, and get his plaudits from teammates and coaches, the people closest to him, which is how he seems to want it. Money and roster-wise, they'll have the space because they'll probably be able to just dump Oberto, and Matt Bonner may have value as an expiring contract bench player. On the court, he's the perfect complement to Duncan because he can spread the floor from three, and he can defend fours or fives.

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-- Eddie House's personal grooming is most out of proportion to his station on the court than anyone on a team still playing. In this regard, he blows Rick Fox out of the water, since he was a starter, at least. Check out Eddie's beard sometime. It's right up there with Deron Williams and Mike Tomlin for the attention it must get.

-- The Magic-Sixers game has just begun. It'll be interesting to see how much the refs let Turkoglu get away with his elbows in the playoffs, especially when he drives the lane.

-- Just you watch. The Cavs will toy with the Pistons.