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Pistons' Bynum Torches Bobcats

Such a bizarre game, in many respects. First, the obvious. To beat the Bobcats 104-97, the Pistons needed Tayshaun Prince to hold Gerald to only 11 points on 2-8 shooting, and only 3 rebounds before fouling out. They needed to score 36(!) points in the fourth quarter. And they needed Will Bynum(!) to score 32 points on 15 attempts from the field, including 26 in that frenzied fourth period.

The absolutist in my nature wants to find the cause of such an epic failure to defend a backup point guard. The rational side, though, guesses that, sometimes, these things are unavoidable. One day, Will Bynum will have an otherworldly game to make up for subpar games from Rasheed and Rip. Life will go on.

I'm not ready to write a eulogy for the season. Life will go on.

Considering my pessimism from the start of the season, finishing 4 or 5 games better than I thought we would is shockingly disappointing. Life will go on.

Will Bynum.

Really, I'm too burned out to fully consider the big picture. Tomorrow, no NBA teams are playing, in deference to the NCAA championship game. We'll have more, then.