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Open 2008-09 Bobcats Memory Thread

On the last off day before the last road trip of the Bobcats' 2008-09 season, let's have an open memory thread. Perhaps you attended a great game. Perhaps you're a fan of another team and have a distinct memory of a day the Bobcats came through your town. Whatever your most distinct memory of the season, I'd love to read it.

Here's mine...


During the miserable Sam Vincent season, 2007-08, one moment stood out above all others as a transcendent spectacle of power over other humans, a moment that I'll use to describe Kobe Bryant's greatness to my grandchildren. He caught the ball at the top of the three point line during a fast break, then looked over his left shoulder, saw Jared Dudley running at him from about twenty feet away... WAITED FOR HIM TO ARRIVE, and then launched a three just over Dudley's outstretched hand for a clean swish.

This year, 2008-09, an opponent provided a transcendent moment again. I felt the glory of life when the Cats beat the Celtics. I filled with optimism when they beat the Lakers. But the most emotional I've been at a Bobcats game was at the end of the near epic comeback against the Pistons.

To recap, the Pistons went up big, by 29 at one point, and proceeded to pull their starters at the start of the fourth quarter. The Cats didn't quit, though, and they dug their way out of the hole, closing the gap to one with time to take the lead remaining.

But they forgot about Rasheed Wallace. As time ticked down, and the Bobcats tried to get the ball back in order to score, Wallace drifted to the top of the three point line, got the ball, and nailed a three. Immediately, he put his finger to his lips to shush the crowd and strutted out past the mid court line.

Of course, I was shocked and dejected by the Bobcats coming so close only to lose on a three pointer by the opposing team's center (don't forget Yao!), but also completely mesmerized and taken away by Sheed's swag. And yes, I use that word specifically, because he wasn't being cool as much as he was displaying his swag.


What do you remember?