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Mother's Day Link Dump

It's looking like a very busy Sunday (i.e., not a lazy one). Commence link dump in 5... 4... 3...

-- In case you haven't been following our series on draft prospects, here's the complete list, and links to the individual pieces: Gerald Henderson, Stephen Curry, Jeff Teague, and Tyreke Evans.

We're working our way through the guards, first, and then we'll look at players at other positions that the team might consider, longshots though they may be.

-- I watched only the final three plays of Game 3 between Denver and Dallas. Shoulda been a foul called, on the floor, before Anthony took the shot, but the bigger point is that Wright stopped playing. If Wright doesn't stop playing, and he uses the foul to get in Melo's face and it clangs off the rim, what do the refs say, then? Gotta call that foul, guys. Gotta call it.

Now, of course, Dallas fans are royally screwed. There is a non-zero chance they come back to win four straight, including two in Denver, but, practically, there's zero chance it happens. Such is life in the NBA, where there's far more certainty than in the other major sports. In MLB, so much randomness happens game to game that luck swings three straight games all the time, and while it's only happened once in the playoffs, four straight games happens, too. In the NFL, the playoffs are single elimination, so crazy stuff happens all the time (see: 1998, Vikings-Falcons, or 2001-02 Super Bowl). Even in the NHL, with reasonably identifiable talent levels from team to team, a hot goalie can throw everything off, like Giguere did for the Ducks a few years back.

In the NBA, though, such surpises are fewer and farther between.

-- I was, primarily, a baseball player in my childhood athletic pursuits. When I was in preschool, my dad would come to pick me up and we'd go to a grassy area with a bat and a plastic helmet so he could toss me tennis balls and I'd try to whack them past him. However, when I was even younger, my mom would babysit me and my cousin, who's the same age as me, she'd set us up in the living room, and she'd entertain us for the longest time by tossing nerf balls in the air and urging us to make diving catches on the carpet.

No matter who you are, even if you've never met her, wherever she is, your mother probably loves you more than you imagine.