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Prospecticon Says: Nick Calathes

I have a sneaking suspicion Larry Brown covets Nick Calathes more than anyone realizes. Consider: Brown has this obsession with having three point guards on the active roster, with one of those guys able to play the two alongside another point. Rubio, Jennings, and Evans will likely be picked before the Bobcats' selection, and none of the other first round guards, like Henderson, Mills, Maynor, Teague, or Curry can credibly swing between the two guard spots and potentially defend twos the way Brown will demand.

Calathes is about 6-5 and handled the ball a lot for Florida, though he projects as, primarily, an off-guard. That means he's proven an ability to play point at times, and that's intriguing for a team that might imagine using him like the Magic use Hedo Turkoglu. If you have a guy like Calathes was in college, you don't have to have a traditional, small, speedy point guard on the floor and can out size those teams that have to play that kind of guy. But it also means that the offense can make the other team defend in a way they might not be comfortable.

As we've mentioned before, Augustin has a skillset that works as an off-guard, which could add value to a guy like Calathes, who can bring the ball up the floor and initiate the offense. If you make someone like, say, Luke Ridnour fight through screens and generally chase his man around away from the ball, you're making him do something he doesn't normally do and you might find an advantage there.

Calathes's shooting percentages aren't exactly through the roof. He shot 39% from three, and 72% from the free throw line. But if you're looking for the upside, Draft Express notes that Calathes was an exceptional finisher around the rim, even if NBA defenses won't let him get there nearly as much as college defenses did.

I'm calling it now. If the Bobcats develop a doubt about Gerald Henderson's defensive capabilities -- his offensive capabilities are already one huge question mark -- they'll try to trade down with a team that wants to nab one of the bumper crop of point guards, and they could reasonably aim for someone like Budinger or Calathes in the bottom quarter of the first round, taking a role player or future pick for their trouble. Would the Pistons trade Amir Johnson to move up? Would the Suns trade us back Jared Dudley to switch places? (If that's possible.)