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Should We Keep the 12th Pick?

I've been operating under the assumption that sticking with the 12th pick is the obvious, best, solution for how to approach the draft. Gerald Henderson will probably be there, and there's an outside chance someone better will fall as teams talk themselves into workout warriors and the BJ Mullenses of the world.

But what if we're all just kind of ignoring the hemmhoraging cash because it's not our money? Bobcats Baseline does a good job hammering the point home that we have a lot of inefficiencies locked up in player contracts, so adding another lottery rookie contract is not necessarily a course of action the team can afford to take. Trading it might actually be the prudent thing to do, since that would defer the salary obligation another year or two, and the team can find stopgap solutions that cost a fraction of that player's salary.

Even if they manage to unload Nazr Mohammed's contract, they're still locked into Radmanovich's and Diop's expensive deals, so signing another multimillion dollar guy to be a bench player doesn't really make much sense. In fact, signing another multimillion dollar guy to be a bench player this year and a starter after Raja leaves makes more sense, but possibly not as much sense as raiding the D-League for stopgap bench talent. We already have Cartier Martin to be a warm body at the end of the bench, and Dontell Jefferson, who looked like a rotation guard at the end of last season.

Why spend millions when you can spend hundreds of thousands?