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Prospecticon Says: Gerald Henderson

*Rubs eyes*

The NBA draft is on June 25? Dude. That's in less than two months. I guess we'd better crank up the Prospecticon 8000 and start looking at guys we might draft...

The knock on Gerald Henderson is that he wasn't an elite offensive player in college. When thinking about how he might contribute to an NBA team, he's defense-first, and whichever team gets him better hope his superior athleticism translates into NBA production in a way Coach K couldn't coax out of him.

I think I'm paraphrasing FreeDarko, but I can't find it: Henderson might be another data point used to show that the college game is simply a different beast than the pro game. Russell Westbrook didn't really produce like a top five pick when he was at UCLA, but his ridiculous athleticism was undeniable, and he's a good enough point guard to play the role for OKC. To me, that sounds a lot like what Henderson was doing in Durham.

Henderson projects as a two who can swing to the three in the pros, but in college, he was asked to do a lot of things associated with fours. On the Point-Swing-Big spectrum, I think he'll look a lot like Vince Carter, but shifted to the Big side of Swing.

Off the top of my head, the absolute ceiling for him is Andre Iguodala, the floor is Joey Graham, and the middle, at least to start, is something like Desmond Mason.

You think he's better or worse than what I'm giving him credit for here?