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Prospecticon Says: Stephen Curry

I'm not sure you'll find a more divisive player in the draft than Stephen Curry. Let's say he's available when the Bobcats pick. In the Cats' offense, pairing him with DJ Augustin might be a matchup nightmare, since both are accomplished shooters and penetrators. The thing is, he'll be around because no GM in his right mind would take Curry to be the everyday SG since there's no way he'll be able to guard Delonte West, let alone Rip, Joe Johnson, Roy, or Kobe.

Pairing Curry with Augustin would be a gamble that either the obvious expected defensive deficiencies won't be that bad, or that the offensive gain will be so great as to be revolutionary. Nobody does it, so maybe there'd be something to it. Paul-Pargo was a change of pace. Eric Gordon is right around 6-3, but he gets Baron, at the same height and a lot more bulk, to play alongside him.

The closest approximation we're likely to get, size-wise, for two guards as small as the sub-six-foot Augustin and a guy as slight as Curry, is Derrick Rose and Ben Gordon. Except that Rose and Gordon are both about 6-2 and the Bulls ended up committing to a four-guard lineup for most of their playoff series with the Celtics, something the Bobcats should be loathe to do with such talents as Emeka, Boris,and Gerald around.

The ray of light, should the Cats grab Curry, is that Emeka is a good enough post defender and Crash is a good enough help defender that the tiny guys won't get abused by larger guards in mid range and closer. However, there's almost nothing they can do about shooting over them.

There's no denying Curry's superior shooting stroke, and I think his ballhandling is getting short shrift. His absolute ceiling (in a "wildest dreams" way) is Steve Nash, the floor is Travis Diener, and the middle is Eddie House.