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Bobcats Worked Out Several Big Men This Morning; More Later

As noted in an earlier post, my day job has given me the opportunity to check out a couple of the Bobcats' pre-draft workouts. This morning, it was Tyler Hansbrough, Taj Gibson, Shawn Taggart, and a couple other guys. The photo to the left is my favorite among the AP pictures you can see by clicking "Browse More" here.

Either way, I was sent to shoot video, so shoot video I did. Later today, we'll be posting the edited footage, probably on The Baseline, and I'll comment then on what's in the video. Here's what to expect:

-- Workout drills are usually weird to look at, primarily because they're usually contextless. However, you'll see bits of a three on three drill.

-- Larry Brown comments.

-- Tyler Hansbrough comments.

UPDATE: The two videos I mentioned are not not up as of 7:45pm, so they're probably being posted tomorrow. We also shot a short interview with Taj Gibson that's been linked on Conquest Chronicles.