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Links for a Monday Afternoon: Gerald Wallace, Bill Laimbeer, Kobe Bryant

Finally, the long NBA season is over. Adam Morrison has a ring, which makes him a better person than any one of us non-champions (but only 1/4 as good a person as Derek Fisher), and now Bobcats fans can go about gnashing our teeth over the possibility of drafting Tyler Hansbrough with the 12th pick overall.

Either way, a few links to pass on.

-- Truth About It came up with a three-way trade proposal that would move Gerald Wallace, Raja Bell, and Nazr Mohammed for Antawn Jamison, Nick Young, and Etan Thomas. I'm pretty sure it's a non-starter if we keep Diaw, or if the Wiz are unwilling to move Butler instead of Jamison, but you've gotta offer to get a trade done, no?

-- Bill Laimbeer is set to resign as coach of the Detroit Shock. Setting aside the craziness of Rick Mahorn taking over as head coach of a WNBA squad, Laimbeer gets results, and I can't help but read into this that he's getting out of women's basketball before he calcifies into a women's coach and never gets a shot at coaching men, a la Geno Auriemma. Of course, that assumes that, like Auriemma, he views coaching men to be an avenue he wants to pursue.

-- In the only kind of thing that can happen in the NBA, yesterday morning, Kobe Bryant was merely great, and today he's one of the All Time Greats, as illustrated by SLAM Online. He's not any more or less great than he was yesterday morning.