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Please Don't Bother the Celebrities; And Some Trade Proposals

I've got a couple links for you, since the offseason is in a slow period, and NBA writers are dreaming up their perfect rosters, but first...

You will not get a story about my meeting Bobcats coach Larry Brown in a Dilworth restaurant during lunchtime yesterday, because even though he was there, and I was there, I did not approach him. I've briefly addressed this before.

When I run into a celebrity, even one that, in theory, I'm covering with Rufus on Fire, I have an aversion to interrupting his or her day. I've run down from the upper deck to the floor in order to say hello to Henry Abbott, but he's not a celebrity, and my friends and I attempted to quickly let him know we appreciate his work, so he could actually get on with said work.

When it comes to actual celebrities/Bobcats, I just can't bring myself to impose myself upon them. If they want to talk with me, they'll grant permission. In the past year, just going about my business in Charlotte, I've run into Cartier Martin, DeSagana Diop, Larry Brown, and Tim Thomas (when the Knicks came through). They weren't looking to chat with media, or fans, or anyone, really. Martin was looking for a stereo at Best Buy. Diop had business at Kinko's. Brown was settling in for lunch with a friend. And who knows what Thomas was doing in the Wachovia Atrium.

Whatever the situation, I'm just glad I wasn't That Guy who bothered them. Just because they play ball in front of thousands of people doesn't mean we have carte blanche to do away with basic decency.

Now for a couple links.


It's summer time in the NBA, where the rumors fly like every day! | Hawks Blog
Josh Smith is the hot name on the NBA rumor mill. But don't believe all the hype.

Oh my. Can any of you figure out a way to put Gerald Wallace and Josh Smith on the same team?

BOBCATS BASELINE » 2 Ways to the Playoffs without A.I.
For those of you familiar with this site, you’ve no doubt stumbled across a few of my “Pro–Iverson” posts. As an unrestricted free-agent, Allen Iverson makes a lot of sense for the Bobcats as a much needed scorer. And by signing A.I. versus trading for another high-profiled player, you wouldn’t necessarily have to lose any assets in order to bring him in. That said, there’s been a lot of controversy with this theory and I think it’s time to offer up some alternate ways in which the Bobcats could remedy their greatest need this offseason.

By not talking about Iverson, they're talking about Iverson. My brain is melting.