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Stephen Curry, Gerald Henderson, to Work Out for Bobcats

Later this morning, Stephen Curry is scheduled to work out for the Bobcats. After his combine appearance (video), in which he had the same vertical leap as Blake Griffin, benched better than Gerald Henderson, Tyreke Evans, Earl Clark, and other much bigger men, and turned out to be 6-2 in socks, Curry's draft stock can't really be much higher. All that's to say that it's highly unlikely the Bobcats will get him, but if they do, I'm much less worried about it than I was when I wrote the Prospecticon for him.

If the Cats have a chance to land Curry, I wouldn't want them to give up anything valuable to get him (eg: future picks). There's still a ton of Eddie House potential there, and that's not what you're hoping to get in the lottery, but Curry is just big enough to alleviate my fear that he'd be a total pushover at off guard. Ben Gordon isn't a total pushover. Kirk Hinrich isn't. Neither is Delonte West. The other side of that is that his floor is probably a bit higher than Travis Diener. I'm much more inclined to think House's career is closer to a low end projection, with Mo Williams as a good mid-level projection.

Gerald Henderson will also be at the workout tomorrow. While he's not getting the pub Curry's getting, he's still probably the Cats' number one target, should they remain in the 12 slot.


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