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Stephen Curry with a Putback Slam

Yesterday, I broached the topic of Stephen Curry vs. The Field when it comes to who the Bobcats have at the top of their wish list in the draft. Personally, among the players I've seen, I'm thoroughly in the Ricky Rubio camp (we won't get him), and then it's all just a jumbled mess from there, mainly because I saw Curry and Gerald Henderson and Wayne Ellington four or five times each and everyone else once or, maybe, twice. I'm an NBA guy, after all.

Curry's going to have to be a point guard in the pros, and my point about his better-than-expected athleticism isn't just about how he'll fare off the ball, but with the ball, too. Today, Stephen Curry did more to prove to me that he deserves to be picked by a lottery team. My day gig is with, and I was fortunate enough to get the call to shoot video at the Bobcats' workout this morning for Curry, Henderson, Danny Green, and several others. Below is footage I shot for The Baseline showing Curry leaping up for a putback slam off a missed shot.

This is huge. It's not in a game. It's not in traffic. And it's not even particularly impressive for a guard, but there are plenty of NBA guards without the hops necessary to dunk in practice, let alone in games. Curry's shooting ability is undeniable, but if he has this kind of athleticism in practice, it bodes well for the development of his finishing skills in games against NBA big men.

After the rest of the edited footage goes up, I'll talk about what we can see of that workout on tape.



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