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Bobcats Pre-draft Workout Video: Stephen Curry, Danny Green, Gerald Henderson

There really isn't much to see in the last fifteen minutes of an NBA team's pre-draft workout. Thursday morning, I went to the Bobcats' workout with Stephen Curry, Toney Douglas, Danny Green, Gerald Henderson, KC Rivers, and Garrett Temple. As you can tell from the video below, which I shot for The Baseline, figuring out which 20-year-old is going to be a pillar of your franchise for the next decade from having them run back and forth and shooting with no defense seems like a futile exercise.

Sure, there are identifiable differences between the players. Watch Curry in the video. You won't see him miss a shot, because he didn't miss any. I can really tell from the video is that Toney Douglas is nowhere near the caliber of shooter as Stephen Curry, which you can see from the segments where they shoot side by side. We didn't get to see any of the defensive drills, and even if we had, what good does a defensive drill do if you don't have a five on five situation to work with?

A single workout is such a small sliver of performance that we can't really tell anything meaningful. Even if Curry picked up Larry Brown's instructions more quickly than anyone else, so what? NBA players have all the time in the world to devote to the game, and if one guy doesn't learn as fast as another in a "classroom" setting, that doesn't necessarily mean that the bar is lower for what can be expected of him. It's just that he'll have to work longer hours, and he might actually be capable of doing more.

In any event, enjoy the video, because it has footage of Curry showing that, in a confined and controlled practice environment, he's an extremely impressive NBA prospect. After the action footage, stick around for clips from the post-workout interview scrums.