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Roster Makeup of NBA Finals Teams

Just a thought about the makeup of the starting lineups of the two teams in the NBA Finals.


Los Angeles Lakers

G -- 24th pick overall, 1996, college

G -- 13th pick, 1996, high school

F -- 43rd pick, 2004, college

F -- 3rd pick, 2001, Spain

C -- 10th pick, 2005, high school

6th -- 4th pick, 1999, college


Orlando Magic

G -- 20th pick, 2004, college

G -- 22nd pick, 2008, college

F -- 16th pick, 2000, Turkey

F -- 32nd pick, 1998, high school

C -- 1st pick, 2004, high school

6th -- 11th pick, 2003, France


If you see a pattern, please let me know. This also doesn't take into account which guys were castoffs from other teams, picked up off the scrap heap, which were acquired via trades, and so on.

Ways to skin a cat = many