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Recommended Charlotte Bobcats Reading

I like to think Rufus on Fire is the go-to site for Bobcats news and community. But even though I may think that chicken is the best food ever and eat it every day, it's good to have variety in the diet.

Beyond the various large web sites' content, there are several dedicated sites I have in my RSS reader. I've put most of these links in the sidebar, too.

Rick Bonnell, Charlotte Observer -- Bonnell is the local MSM coverage of the 'Cats. All NBA fans should be so lucky to have a beat writer with the passion and drive to also write a regular and detailed blog with basketball commentary. In a world where game recaps can be done by a computer program (or the AP equivalent), writers on all platforms have to provide something beyond simply telling readers what happened. Bonnell uses his unmatched access to buttress his interpretation, a valuable service to us all.

Bobcats Baseline -- I envy the unfettered fandom displayed by Bobcats Baseline. Whereas I tend to skew toward the analytical, BB brings fandom and injects analysis later. Plus, they do great graphic work.

Queen City Hoops -- Brett runs the granddaddy of Charlotte Bobcats blogs, and now it's a part of the ESPN TrueHoop network. Much more than anyone else, QCH rocks the stats tables and dives into numbers.

Bobcats Planet -- I tend to stick to the BP blog, but they also host an active message board. If you're looking, specifically, for message board interaction with fellow Bobcats fans, Bobcats Planet is the place to go.


I'm sure there are other places that cover the Bobcats. Where else do you read? If you run a Bobcats site, feel free to post your link in the comments to this post.