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Memphis Awaiting Answer from AI

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Allow me to read between the lines for you on the story coming out of Memphis today that Allen Iverson might give the Grizzlies a Yes/No decision sometime today: He's waiting on what another team or teams might offer in response. I can't imagine anyone would give Iverson more than a one year deal for the mid-level, and the Bobcats are in no position to offer that much to him.

Interestingly, at the bottom of that Commercial Appeal piece, there's a who's who of backup point guards listed as other free agent options besides AI, especially since Ramon Sessions has finally gotten his own deal (16mil/4). Not mentioned in that list--but, oddly, given a blog post devoted to him--is the first D-League player ever drafted in the NBA Draft: Mike Taylor. Maybe I'm biased because he's a 2K9 staple, but dude was far from terrible for the Clippers last year, and can jump out of the building. If he'd take less than $1 million to be a backup, then it boggles the mind that he wouldn't be able to find any work this year.