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Two Links: Update on the Iverson Gambit, and Sean May Talks About Felton

Allen Iverson plays waiting game with Grizzlies -- Memphis Commercial Appeal
The Griz expected Iverson, 34, to decide before the weekend. But the free-agent guard apparently needs more time even though the Grizzlies have expressed strong interest in him since July.

The gambit appears to have failed. Unless he's prepared to sit out the start of the season, I can't imagine Iverson has any leverage left.

May: Felton unsigned "ridiculous'' -- Charlotte Observer, Rick Bonnell Blog
A source familiar with the situation projected that a deal in the range of $7 million a season would breach this gap. If Felton doesn’t sign a long-term deal, he’d likely play next season on a one-year qualifying offer of $5.5 million, then become an unrestricted free agent.

I don't know who the source is, but if Felton's camp is hyping $7 million as the compromise price, then bravo. If it's someone in the Bobcats' front office floating that out there, with the implication of a multi-year deal, then if I'm Felton I jump on that money. The only question would be whether or not I'd rather go to a team where I'd be the unquestioned starting PG. (Previously on Rufus on Fire: The Raymond Felton Question)