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Bobcats Blot Out the Suns 125-99

The Charlotte Bobcats blew out the Phoenix Suns 125-99 Saturday night. Once again, Gerald Wallace led the way, scoring 29 points and grabbing 13 rebounds. Put that man in the All Star Game.

For whatever reason, the Suns seem to have trouble in Charlotte. They were blown out by 22 last season, and this time around they didn't even compete that much. The Cats went up 12-0 and didn't look back, scoring 74 in the first half, and surpassing the 100 point mark late in the third quarter.

With shockingly dominant back to back wins over Western Conference contenders, the Cats will now attempt to maintain that intensity over the Sacramento Kings on Monday. Tyreke Evans and Kevin Martin are the best perimeter scorers they'll see over this three game stretch.

Highlights and lowlights after the jump.


-- Nothing to see here. Move along, now.


-- The Bobcats played exceptional defense in the first half, and then in garbage time -- which started in the third quarter -- gave up a couple runs, but nothing major. The Suns' defense was so abysmal, so utterly slapdash, that the Cats had open jumper after open layup, and it seemed to wear on Phoenix's offense. Steve Nash had one of the worst games I've ever seen him play. He only had one or two pretty passes, and was openly frustrated the rest of the time, becoming essentially a nonfactor.

-- Gerald Wallace scored 29 points on 15 attempts and pulled down 13 rebounds in only 31 minutes. ALL STAR! ALL STAR! ALL STAR! Can we start this chant at the next game?

-- Derrick Brown scored 18 points on 11 attempts. Dude was blocked a lot, but they were all actually very good plays by the Suns, and that's going to happen when guys attack the rim. Better that happens than settling for 20 foot jumpers.

-- Everything else you can name went the Cats' way. They shot 85% from the free throw line. They shot 10-15 from three. They outrebounded the Suns. Turned it over only 9 times, only 1 of which was a steal. Stole the ball 12 times. The Suns looked like they wanted out, and their starters were yanked in the third quarter.