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Bobcats Escape With 105-103 Win Over Kings

The Charlotte Bobcats pulled out a 105-103 win over the Sacramento Kings Monday afternoon, a victory made much more difficult than it should have been by a shaky second half. Charlotte scored 66 first-half points, but only 39 second-half points while allowing Sacramento to mount a furious fourth-quarter comeback.

From the box score, a few highlights and lowlights:


-- Crap, we got outrebounded by a good amount. Jon Brockman is the second coming of Danny Fortson, though, so maybe it's not too tough a pill to swallow, but a 46-34 deficit will usually put a team in a hole.

-- Stephen Jackson had a rough go of it. Only 11 points on 13 attempts won't get it done, but he made up for some of that by helping keep Kevin Martin to only 9 points on 9 attempts.


-- Gerald Wallace. How many more games like this does he have to have for the rest of the world to love him as we do? 28 points on 16 attempts.

-- Raymond Felton continued his renaissance, scoring a boatload of points in the fourth quarter, and ending with 17 points, 10 assists, and 9 rebounds. Bill Simmons predicted he'd turn the Chauncey Billups corner this year, and while I'm still skeptical that's what's really happening, it certainly could be.

-- Isn't Derrick Brown an ideal bench player right now? 9 points on 3 attempts in his 17 minutes. Like I've said before, I've got a soft spot for super athletic 3-4 types who spread the floor both horizontally with shooting range and vertically with footspeed on the break.

UPDATE: Crash talked with The Baseline before the game about the dunk contest. It looked like he hurt his ankle during this game, so his participation may now be in doubt.