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Bobcats Top the Heat 107-97

The Bobcats went down 30-17 in the first quarter, but turned it around in the second quarter, then pulled away in the second half to beat the Heat 107-97, in Miami.

Here are some video highlights. Box score highlights and lowlights after the jump.


-- Gotta stretch to find something bad from such a satisfying win, but the Cats' defense wasn't as great as we've come to expect. Overall, the Heat shot under 50% from the field, but they did shoot 11-24 from three, including Quentin Richardson's 6-12 and Dwyane Wade's 4-8 from distance. Maybe this was just a matter of a couple guys hitting shots that normally wouldn't fall in at that rate, but if there's something to be done about it -- re-emphasize closing out? -- please do.

-- Gerald Henderson got a DNP-CD. There's no way to get him 5-10 minutes? Do I have to spell out how a substitution rotation works?


-- This is Stephen Jackson's upside. He scored 35 points on 20 attempts, grabbed 8 rebounds, and turned it over once. The only way he plays a better game is if he dishes a bunch of assists, too, but Raymond Felton and Boris Diaw took care of that this day.

-- D.J. Augustin is getting back to the Damon Stoudemire clone I predicted last year he'd become (or maybe I'm just wishful that he's getting back to that point). He played 18 minutes, took 7 shots, and scored 13 points, including 3-4 from three. On offense, he makes a lot of sense at the nominal point guard spot when Jax and Diaw are in the game, because those guys can take a lot of responsibility for creating offense in the half court, but he can beat a press with his dribble, unlike those other guys.

-- Insert obligatory "how does Nazr Mohammed play such good offense at his age?" comment. He only played 16 minutes due to his limitations on defense, but he did shoot 4-4 from the field in that time and scored 10 points.