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Bobcats Stifle Heat 104-65

The Charlotte Bobcats continued their impressive roll through various NBA playoff contenders by pounding the Miami Heat Wednesday night, 104-65. That makes 9 straight home wins for the Cats.

Little went wrong for the Cats, as they've turned in game after game this homestand that resembles video game dominance. This game might have been the most dominant. At one point, Charlotte had a 40 point lead and Larry Brown was spotted on the bench actually smiling. Smiling!

Highlights and lowlights after the jump:


-- The Cats turned it over 20 times. No, really. In a game in which they destroyed the Heat and only trailed 4-2, the Cats kept turning it over. Boris Diaw and Stephen Jackson each gave it up 4 times, and a bunch of other Cats gave it up twice each.


-- Holy crap, the Bobcats' defense was fantastic. They held the Heat to 29% shooting from the field. The Heat were 2-23 from three. Charlotte outrebounded Miami 50-34. That's ridiculous, even for a very good team facing a poor team, let alone two teams fighting for lower-tier playoff positions. Dwyane Wade ended up with 16 points on 16 attempts and Michael Beasley got a mere 6 points on 11 attempts. Oh, and they combined for 6 rebounds.

-- Gerald Wallace has served notice. Barring injury, the man will probably get down ballot MVP votes, and this game showed why. Coming off a sprained ankle, he put up 20 points on 11 attempts, 10 rebounds, 2 steals, and 5 blocks.

-- Stephen Jackson turned in as efficient a performance as we'll see from him. 24 points on 10 attempts, including 10-12 from the line.

-- But wait, there's more! Nazr Mohammed played only 16 minutes, but scored 16 points on 9 attempts and pulled down 10 boards.

-- And if you order right now, we'll also tell you that Raymond Felton was 6-8 from the field, DeSagana Diop grabbed 7 rebounds in 16 minutes, and every single player on the active roster got more than 6 minutes.