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Bobcats Can't Catch Nuggets, Lose 104-93

The Charlotte Bobcats were a step behind all night in losing to the Denver Nuggets 104-93. Maybe it was the thin air. Maybe it was the series of nagging injuries plaguing the team. Maybe it was simply that the Nuggets are a really good team, even without Carmelo Anthony.

These late games are brutal on those of us who have been up since before the sun came up and will be at work same time tomorrow, but I'll probably be better tomorrow. Please provide your game highlights and lowlights in the comments. I'll start.


-- No one had an answer for Chauncey Billups, who scored 27 and dished 11 assists.

-- Arron Afflalo was 6-7 from three. Take that away, make it 1-3, and this would have been a far more interesting game, especially given J.R. Smith's 2-9 from three.


-- Gerald Wallace scored 20 points on 10 attempts, grabbed 7 rebounds, and had 2 blocks with only 1 turnover. He really couldn't have done much more except steal Afflalo's uniform and hide it somewhere.


-- This guy.