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Bobcats Beat Cavaliers 91-88

The Bobcats stunned the Cavaliers at Quicken Loans Arena Sunday night, 91-88. (BOX SCORE)

From my seat in the second deck behind one of the baskets, the second half played out as well as the Cats could have hoped, essentially even, with slight leads each quarter. The Cavs had a brief opportunity to gain ground in the fourth quarter when Shaquille O'Neal was matched up on Boris Diaw, but they couldn't capitalize. Instead, the Cats got clutch shots from Raymond Felton and Ronald Murray.

In the end, there was one key stat that trumped all others: LeBron James went to the line for two free throws the entire game, so all the credit in the world to Gerald Wallace and Stephen Jackson. When that happens, the Cavs are vulnerable, and the Bobcats took full advantage.

Celebrate, everyone. That's back to back wins on the road over Eastern Conference powers.