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Off Day Conversation Topics

I love Danilo Gallinari, except when I hate him for sinking the Bobcats. Dude has some swagger and backs it up, leading the league in threes. And he's only 20!


Just a reminder that I'm working on a song about Gerald Wallace that you can help produce. WhatAboutBob_cats and Ourdaywillcome have made some extensive contributions, but more ideas are definitely still welcome.

It's looking like "in the style of 2Pac" is winning the genre vote. Here's your notice that my production "skillz" may lead to a more Lil' Wayne style than 2Pac style, but at least that's in the same galaxy.


Conversation starter: If Gerald Wallace refused an invitation to the All Star Game (blasphemy!), which fringe All Star would you most want to see in the game? Why?


Off-day, off-topic, conversation starter: Is the Lady Gaga project, as a whole, more or less ironic than any other major musical artist out there today? That is to say she's obviously a construction, but A) What's her essential message? and B) Does she literally say it or does she act in a way that implies a message different from what she literally says?