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Gerald Henderson and Derrick Brown didn't get minutes last year. Will they get playing time this year?

Bobcats Baseline has a solid assessment of Gerald Henderson and Derrick Brown. I pretty much agree with everything, except...

-- I think ASChin undersells just how few minutes these guys got last season. Earl Clark was a totally marginalized and disappointing 'tweener forward on a fringe championship contender (Suns), stuck in the rotation behind Jason Richardson, Grant Hill, Jared Dudley, Amare Stoudemire, Louis Amundson, and Channing Frye, and he got more minutes than Henderson.

-- I love Brown as a potential rotation stalwart, but Dudley is still the leader for Bobcats' Best Value Draft Pick in their team history, barely edging out Emeka Okafor.

-- The Gerald-Kobe comparison -- come on guys... at best, Henderson's the utterly destitute man's Kobe Bryant.


Questions for the crowd: Which two NBA players are Henderson and Brown most like?

I think that Henderson is in the same category as Dwyane Wade; he's the same type of super-athletic, weak-shooting, get to the rim kind of guy. Methinks Brown's got some Hakim Warrick in him, but he's not quite that tall.