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Bobcats games no longer in hi-def?

Well, crap. Rick Bonnell reports that he's been told all Bobcats games will be on SportSouth this year, instead of switching back and forth between SportSouth and Fox Sports Carolinas.

Why is this crap?

1 -- Time Warner Cable in the Charlotte region does not broadcast SportSouth in HD. All Bobcats games will be in standard definition.

2 -- As best I can tell, AT&T U-Verse doesn't carry SportSouth.

So, to recap: games are only going to be broadcast to Time Warner Cable subscribers. If you're a cable subscriber, you can only watch in standard definition.

Someone, please tell me I'm missing something and I'm totally wrong about this.

Addition: As noted in the comments, I forgot you lucky folks who have satellite service. Both DirecTV and Dish Network carry SportSouth in HD.