10-11 Bobcats Preview


Do you guys agree with this? And for you people who dont want to go to the Link it basically said that we will have a better defense than last year, worse offense, we lost two key players and got no one to replace them. Grew the fan base and added talent under coach Larry Brown, but he could be hurting us also " Brown is merely trying to gild his legacy with an end-career "turnaround", bringing a team from the throes of expansion to the playoffs and leaving them on supposedly solid footing -- only to have everyone realize after it's too late to do anything about it that he'd mortgaged the next three years on two years of middling success." Witch is one thing that I fear. This was their predictions -Rufus on Fire: No prediction, except to say that making the playoffs "seems like a longshot." -Hoops Addict: 48-34