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Charlotte Bobcats at Miami Heat, Preseason Game 6 -- Bobcats win

Note to self: In the future, when you write up a game thread post from a hotel room in Myrtle Beach and schedule it to open Monday evening, make absolutely sure you click "Schedule for Publish" and confirm that the post is, indeed, scheduled to be published.

Possible discussion topics:

1 -- Number 6 on Miami is some player, isn't he?

2 -- Nazr Mohammed: 3 blocks through three quarters.

3 -- Gerald Henderson: leading rebounder. Minutes leader. What a world.

4 -- D.J. Augustin led the Bobcats in scoring, which doesn't necessarily sit well with Larry Brown. I can't find the story at the moment, but somewhere I read Chauncey Billups recounting how he once scored something like 20 points in the first half, and Brown was filled with disgust, and Chauncey just didn't understand. The story underscores how strongly Brown feels that THE POINT GUARD DISTRIBUTES AND CREATES.

5 -- Derrick Brown has scored double digits in every preseason game. Preseason means nothing, but preseason performance means a little bit, right? At least in this case, I want to think so.

6 -- Anyone worried about Stephen Jackson? Or is this just a down stretch, and pressure will get its lovin' soon enough?