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Basketball causes

Ask my college friends. For many years, I had one basketball cause that never failed to get me fired up. I felt so strongly about it that it became something of a signature talking point: I wanted the NBA to adopt the trapezoidal key.

(Photo cc-licensed. "Dubrovnik, Croatia", by melalouise.)

Essentially, I thought the trapezoidal key would open up the game and make sumo-wrestling centers less relevant by forcing them away from the goal. Instead of endlessly trotting out Shaquille O'Neal types who planted themselves on the block, it would encourage teams to find guys more in the Tim Duncan mold who would face up and put the ball on the floor as much as fight for position under the basket. The Bobcats could be totally comfortable rolling with Boris Diaw at "center" because of the premium placed on playing away from the hoop.

My side lost. Even though I don't think I'll fully get over it, I've got to move on. After the jump, a list of more basketball causes seeking supporters, and yours in the comments.

-- Positions? There are no positions.

-- The All-Defense team will work. It's just that no coach is brave enough to try it yet.

-- New Orleans Jazz. Utah Bobcats. Charlotte Hornets. ($1, Bill Simmons)

-- When the Nets move to Brooklyn, they really ought to sell #45 S. Carter jerseys.

-- Dispense with in-arena sound while the ball is in play. Force the crowd to involve itself.