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Marvel made some gorgeous NBA art

I'm not going to post the actual images here. (Yay, copyright!) However, the ESPN/Marvel NBA collaboration is worth seeking out, if you know where to look.

Hint: look at this message board thread.

After the jump, a brief analysis of the best artwork in the collection.

Michael Jordan as Nick Fury

This is a reference to the Ultimate Nick Fury series, in which the character, an ex-badass now relegated to a support role, "[forms] a team to battle posthuman threats and and [resurrects] the Super-Soldier program." While we have a decent idea of the Bobcats players' public personae, I think the image captures the national attitude about the Cats: It's Jordan's project, with nondescript players, three of whom we might one day be bothered to learn about.

Blake Griffin as The Incredible Hulk

I see incomparable raw power. I also see pain. Does that sum up Blake Griffin as a Clipper, or what?

Yao Ming as proto-Wolverine

If you've explored Yao's biography, this image is perfect. The story of where Yao Ming came from is myth, truth, myth, truth, and myth, with a dash of uncomfortable questions about eugenics that borders on rudeness. Whatever you think about the Chinese government's role in his birth and development as a basketball star, it's pretty clear some people had a clear idea of what they were trying to do.