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NBA season is just around the corner: be prepared

This off season, Rufus on Fire attracted a bunch of new users, and I see you guys popping in here and there in comment threads. You should know that, during the season, RoF's rhythm is totally different, and there's a whole different kind of conversation that happens during Open Game Threads that doesn't happen any other time. Here's what to expect, and some information to help you hit the ground running.

-- I've put together a quick user guide for the site, going over practical things, like how to create a FanPost or FanShot, and how to comment. It's also linked in the left sidebar on the home page.

-- Every day during the season, there will be some kind of post. On the day of a game, there will be a game preview, with brief analysis, music, and whimsy. (Example.) On off days, either and1droid or I will post something else, whether it's a question for readers, or a longer piece that took some time to compose.

-- Later on the day of a game, usually a couple hours before the game starts, there will be an Open Game Thread for discussion during the game. There will be lots of jokes, in words and in pictures. I don't get all of them, and I suspect I'm not alone, but the comments cascading down the page form a lovely smorgasbord of emotion that tracks with the game's up and down. If the comments total near 500, an overflow thread may open. (Example.)

-- As soon as the game ends, I'm usually able to post a recap, but this isn't like the AP recaps, or anything you'll find in the Observer. To start, it's usually a quick description of what happened, colored by my opinion of what I saw. That's followed by Game Thread Comments, which are particularly interesting comments pulled out of the Open Game Thread and highlighted. Finally, the Bad and the Good from the game, in bullet point form, usually focusing on individual players' performances. Essentially, the recap is the start of the next discussion cycle, bridging us to the next day's post(s). (Example.)

If you've got any advice for the newer folks on enjoying the season, please let 'em know in the comments.