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Michael Jordan, doing work

We have two recent stories in national media about Michael Jordan's presence in Charlotte today (h/t @chrislittmann). Both highlight Jordan's uneasiness with the notion that this city demands he be present and provide a personal touch, but he's plowing ahead and trying his best to make it work.

Sports Business Journal: "He's all in"

What we have here is unprecedented: The most marketable athlete in America, ever, putting his own millions into principal ownership of a team which, by the way, has bled money for all six years of its existence, with losses totaling $80 million to $100 million.

[Michael] Jordan says his goal is to turn the team into a winner, both in the standings and on the balance sheet; to pass it on to his children as a family legacy.

"The biggest investment I have is this team," Jordan said of the franchise he bought for $275 million in March. "I have to make it work and I feel like I have found my niche.

"I am comfortable in this city. I know my way around. And my commitment isn’t just my name."

In Charlotte, Michael Jordan Has a Sales Job -

But since February, Mr. Jordan has shown his face more often. At Selwyn Avenue Pub, where bartenders say he comes every couple of weeks, he hangs out in a secluded area where he dines on the $8 meat lover's pizza and occasionally chats with other patrons and poses for pictures.

One bartender, Derek Klomstad, said Mr. Jordan is generally nice—but when he offered Mr. Jordan a high-five after a Bobcats win last season, Mr. Jordan didn't acknowledge his hand. "He's doing what he has to do as owner," said John Crigler, a pub regular who has seen Mr. Jordan there. "You can tell he doesn't love it, but he's trying."