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Mavericks defeat Bobcats, 101-86. Provide your scouting reports.

It didn't take a genius to suggest that the Bobcats might be better off this season with a small lineup, whether that involved Tyrus Thomas or Boris Diaw at the nominal center spot. Tonight, the Cats' largest players did nothing to dispel that notion, as Charlotte fell to Dallas, 101-86.

Single-game +/- is an unwieldy tool, but I think it illustrates the point in this game: When the Bobcats played Nazr Mohammed, they got smoked. When they played Diaw, they weren't quite as dominated. When they played Thomas, they came out ahead. Now, a lot of their playing time overlapped, so it's not a one-to-one correlation, and this is definitely Small Sample Size Theater, but at least now the idea that Mohammed/Diop/K. Brown are the change of pace and Diaw/Thomas/D. Brown are the default has a kernel of evidence in its favor.

If you were writing a scouting report on the Bobcats based only on this game, what would you say?